True Blue Life and Fitness

True Blue Life and Fitness

True Blue Life and Fitness is an Australian owned health and fitness company. With the convenience of 24hour access we provide a personal service suited to modern lifestyles. Our business thrives on the diversity and culture of regional communities around Australia.

Our history

A dedication to providing professional comprehensive training programs to a diverse range of clientele, meant True Blue Life and Fitness was destined to become a centre for people who needed more than just a gym.

Typically it became a centre for helping people who were serious about performing well in sport and achieving goals in weight-loss and fitness. Individuals and small groups were serviced with one on one programs and small group circuit classes evolved.

Many corporate professionals enjoyed the committment to living healthier lifestyles particularly small business owners and farmers looking for a break from the day to day amidst coping with financial pressures and environmental change. The effects of personal support and physical training proved extraordinary, as customers enjoyed the experience of increased levels of energy and vitality, stress levels ceased to exist and signs of happiness appeared on the faces of people normally suffering from long bouts of depression. Check out to learn more about cheap supplements.

Sporting groups began to see value in committing to a higher level of training and fitness, as well as paying closer attention to injury prevention and rehabilitation as standards of training improved.

Small schools began to demand programs for sports and athletics and soon corporate groups became interested in programs designed to motivate and encourage team spirit among staff as well as adopting healthy activities lifestyles within the the day to day working environment.

The demand for motivation and discipline meant that coaching and mentoring programs were adopted to assist people from an emotional level and inspire change.  Services in the form of Life coaching consultations were added to training programs and soon Community health organisations demanded assistance for members and staff.

Support for Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services challenged the standard procedures for training and programs were developed to adapt to different cultural environments.

Increasing demand for specific needs such as pre and post pregnancy training and clients with particular medical conditions demanded contraindicated exercise programs were developed.

With such a diversity of clientele and limited qualified staff higher standards of professional training and increased demand meant new systems had to be implemented and staff training programs adopted. Soon education became the new focus for the business and students enrolled into courses allowing them to train and study within the working environment of a health and fitness centre.

The opportunity to raise the standards of personal training and provide students with a system for learning forced leadership and personal growth upon the organisation. And a new breed of trainers were born.

True Blue Life and Fitness developed a new range of systems to manage business and joined the world’s booming fitness franchise industry.